The 10 Best Designer Espadrille Flats for Spring 2013

Summer can be hard on feet, especially if you live in a city. It’s exciting to wear sandals, but after a couple weeks, your feet look worse for the wear – things stay much prettier when your toes aren’t exposed to the elements, whether you’re dealing with sand or concrete. (And trust me, it’s much worse when it’s concrete, which it is for a lot of us.) Sometimes, even during warm months, your feet need a break behind a layer of fabric. That’s where this season’s huge espadrille flats trend comes in.

Valentino was among the first brands to put their signature touches on the casual style, and now everyone from Tory Burch to Celine has their version. Prices vary, naturally, but in general, these designs are pretty affordable and will still let your feet breathe in warm weather. If you ever slack between your summer pedicures, you’re going to want a pair of these in your closet. Check out our ten favorites below.

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  • I really dislike this trend, I don’t find espadrilles appealing at all. However, those Marc by Marc are utter cuteness!

  • Jeloi

    I love these, the beige ones remain of shoes some wore when I was a teenagers and I’m 52.

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